Who we are


Keeping your Soul alive

Leaving home and coming to ADFA and Uni. is a full-on time of transition,

and a challenge to your Christian life.

At FOCUS we want you to keep your soul alive during this process.


FOCUS is a team of Christian Cadets who

inspire each other to walk the Christian walk at ADFA,

put life in perspective,

and have a good time doing it.



Who leads it?

FOCUS is run by a team of Christian senior year Cadets,

lead by James Leitch and other serving military officers posted to Canberra.




Who are we connected to?

FOCUS is the Fellowship of Christian University Students and is a part of FOCUS Military Ministry.

We are affiliated with  the FOCUS network on the University campuses in Canberra.

FOCUS is affiliated with AFES (the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students) which connects student ministries across Australia.

Through AFES we are linked to IFES – the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.



What do we do? click here


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