Small groups

In spare periods during the week, we run FOCUS Small Groups to get into the Word of God and be prepared for kingdom building.

Bible Study group


The core bible study is in the letter to the Colossians. We do some detailed bible study & get skills on how to read and interpret the bible for ourselves.

We will also cover some key topics like.

  •  God's plan for the world
  •  Sacrifice
  •  church
  •  Motivation to live as God wants us to.
  •  Christian living
  •  Relationships & leadership

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored Soul - is a DVD based course for people to investigate Christianity,

hear what Jesus has to say,

discuss their beliefs,

and make their own decision based on reliable information.



GospelTalk is a course where we work together to do evangelism better.

We want to talk about Jesus in effectively in real relationships,

interact with what other people believe,

and know what to say when people challenge our beliefs.

GospelTalk is part of the DNA of ADFA FOCUS - communicating the gospel in engaging & meaningful ways with our mates.


World Views and Other Religions

 What are the big questions people ask you about Christianity?

We have a go at an answer, check out the expert answer, then  discuss how we might answer the big questions that yours mates will ask you.

Old Testament

Step through  the highlights of the Old Testament to see where it all fits together, from Genesis to the Prophets.  

Leading a Bible Study

Learn how to prepare and lead a small group bible study, group dynamics, practice leading in the group and how to apply the bible.  

Intro To Theology

Introduction to Christian doctrine (or theology) - a look at the major topics in the whole system of Christian thinking using the book of Romans.